I was discussing with friends of mine of recent at the bar and the topic of having a personal traffic lawyer came up. What really surprised or perhaps outraged me was the nonchalance some if not all of my friends had towards the idea. Most of them were of the stand that lawyers are always available when you are in trouble. One of them was really vehement about his stand and maintained he could never break the law as he always believes in being law-abiding. After a little scenario painting argument I had to keep quiet to keep my friends. Little did we know that day was going to be a perfect case study. The need for a traffic lawyer was going to be evident in few minutes time.

My law-abiding friend had avoided taking too much beer since he was going to drive us home. We got out of the bar into the parking lot and entered the vehicle as he went to the driver’s seat. He was on reverse when we heard a thud – it was a collision. A vehicle that was leaving the parking lot had accidentally hit our bumper. He got out of the vehicle and was extremely furious at his own damaged headlight. We were equally angry and we began to argue with him. He obviously was feeling cheated because he called the police; we waited because we knew we were on our right.

We were totally disappointed when the policeman came and vindicated him (they were obviously friends); he then proceeded to write us a ticket – we were obviously going to pay for the damaged vehicle. We couldn’t believe what just happened but I was cool and collected, I insisted I wasn’t going to accept the verdict until I call my traffic lawyer. I picked up my phone and called Haim Elya – one of the leading traffic lawyer near me – and he was available in only a short time. We were not only vindicated of all charges, we were also reimbursed for our damage. The other driver had to apologize.

Having a traffic lawyer is one of the first things every driver should have because unknown to us there are some everyday things we do on the road that are against the law. Some of it includes over-speeding beyond the recommended limit, not using the turn signal, driving under the influence, driving on the wrong lane, overtaking at the wrong time amidst others. Any driver can be faced with one of these circumstances at any time and day and this is especially the reason why the traffic lawyer you should hire should be the “traffic lawyer near me” kind of lawyer. The advantage is because the timing of the arrival of your traffic lawyer matters a lot especially if it is a traffic accident. Each second after an accident must be used as an advantage. a traffic lawyer can help you to avoid fines associated with tickets, help you to keep your driver’s license, work with prosecutor and judges to help you get your charges dropped.

So when getting your new ride, the first thing you should ask yourself is where can I get traffic lawyer near me? And how experienced is the traffic lawyer? Another question to ask is Can this lawyer serve as my traffic attorney? This question is important because there is a difference between traffic lawyers and traffic attorney and having a lawyer that can be both is an added advantage. A traffic lawyer can give you legal advice about traffic laws but a traffic attorney can also represent you in court.

In conclusion, don’t wait till you get into trouble on the road before looking for a qualified traffic lawyer. Haim Elya is a renowned traffic lawyer who has helped me in times without number, call him today and keep your license and your freedom.

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