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Driving under the influence

Driving under influence or drunken driving

Driving under influence


So it is important to know some differences, so I will explain in this article who is drunk? And what is the difference between drunk, as in the language of people “drunk / stoned” and drunk legally

Who is drunk? What is drunken driving? What is driving under influence

First, the legal definition of the drunk must be examined. In Amendment No. 97 to the Traffic Ordinance – the definition

of “drunk” Section 64 (b) defines four types of drunks or acts that are affected by alcohol

A driver who drinks alcohol while driving, has no connection if he was drunk or not, the term makes sense that one policeman can say is drunk and the other – not drunk

It’s likely that you will not be able to convert a traffic report with a warning or request to cancel a traffic report for that offense

 If a high concentration of alcohol is found in the body, as determined in the Traffic Regulations of the Minister of Transport, it shall be over 290 kg per liter of air or a new driver, and the like shall be over 100 mg / L

 If the suspect refuses to undergo a breath test or a blood test, it is also included in the definition of intoxication

.If he refuses to be tested, he is called drunk by refusing to be tested

Important points to note about driving under influence
As for the drunken person in Section 1, such a driver is not drunk, unless he drives under the influence of drugs, he is drugged and not drunk. Thus, the legislator chose to create a statutory section – according to which the driver is drunk driver

As for the drunk mentioned in section 2 above, when the concentration of alcohol “in his body” exceeds “determined by the Minister of Transport” – a former concentration beyond what was approved as a drunk

As for the drunk mentioned in section 1 above, who acted under the influence of intoxicating beverages, he is given the opportunity to prove that there was no concentration in his body beyond what was approved by the Knesset Economics Committee. And if he does not do so, substitute an alternative to Article 3 by refusing to drink. Here the “presumption of refusal” applies. I mean, because he did not give a test, you see him drunk, and he’s drunk and drunk driving


?What is refusal? For driving under influence

It is not enough for the policeman to mark only the “wi”, but beyond that, because if the explanation is not explained, the refusal is not a conviction! And as a result there is no portfolio

What about special populations. Kerry, new drivers or young drivers? Driving under influence
Per liter of air and this is the last correction. So we now find young / new drivers with a concentration of more than 50 micro grams per liter of air, opposite the sloping court and drunk driving to accuse him of actual imprisonment – which did not exist

And why so legislator with these populations driving drunk
Since these drivers are more involved in fatal accidents than in older accidents, and therefore decided to fight the fight against the phenomenon. But the recent indictments still allow the operator to attack the device times that stopped the signs of drivers and the way to check whether they are new drivers and young people are accused of driving drunk drivers and adults

See an example of canceling an 800-milliliter charge per liter of air because there was a test problem

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