Driving under the Influence

also known as DUI is a serious offense under the law of every country in the world. According to National statistics taken in 2009 over 12,000 people die per in DUI-related accidents; this implies that Driving under the influence is not only an offense to the country; it is also an offense to humanity. Before we discuss how to avoid driving under the influence let’s explain in clear terms what it means

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is having an blood alcohol content that exceed the state legal limit for driving. The legal limit differs for different countries but in Israel the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) must not exceed 0.10%. This percentage implies that for you to be free of a DUI charge you are only permitted to drink an extremely small amount of alcohol or avoid drinking at all. So now that we understand what a DUI means, let’s examine how to stay free of a DUI charge

Needless to say, the best and sure way to avoid a driving under the influence charge is to avoid drinking at all before driving. This of course take a conscious effort and strong discipline, especially if you are out with friends at the bar where you wish to socialize effectively, it is always hard to restrict a drink or two. Wait, before you start calculating which number of bottle will be below a 0.10% BAC, know that you can never be sure. This only leave you with one option, avoid drinking totally when you know you will be driving otherwise you might see yourself battling with a Driving under the influence charge.

Another option which in recent times people have adopted is to call a taxi company. When you know you and your friends are going to be a little tipsy, you can book a taxi which will convey all the members of your drinking buddies to your homes. This is also a rather safe option. However, there are always times when the inevitable happens.

What happens when the inevitable happens? Let’s say you were out with friends at the bar and you couldn’t stop yourself from taking one or two bottles then afterwards you decided you didn’t want to call a taxi company and you risked driving. You and your buddies were inside the vehicle chattering out loudly until you noticed a blinking red and blue light behind your vehicle – a police vehicle has stopped you over. What do you do?

All charges from a driving under the influence (DUI) are painful. The least of the sentences are removal of license for a year (nobody wants to quit driving for a year all because of one night out drinking) and the worst of all especially if there is a fatal accident involved is to be charged with a Vehicular Manslaughter. Needless to say, you don’t want to be facing a driving under the influence charge. You can always call a traffic lawyer near you. A traffic lawyer can be useful not only to reduce your sentence but to wade it off totally.

Haim Elya is a traffic lawyer with lots of experience of driving under the influence cases and can be your saviour in those dire times. All you need to do when your blood alcohol content has already been certified legally drunk is to pick your phone and call Haim Elya law firm. They will come to your aid or defend you in court if need be.

In conclusion, it is best to avoid being caught in a driving under the influence charge but should in case you find yourself in one you can always contact your most reliable traffic lawyer Haim Elya and live to drink responsibly another day.

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